Welcome to ORANGE International Inc.

We import and support as many world excellent food and nutritional supplements as possible importing to JAPAN with our food law support and experience. Besides, we can support it with multi language: English, French, Italian, German and Japanese. because we think the mutual communication is so much important for import and export business.


June 24th 2004: Orange International Inc was founded by Tsutomu Nishino
Novemver 2004: We started food and nutritional supplements in bulk from Canada and USA
Novemver 2004~ 2005: We developped new Beverages in Thailand for Japanese convenience stores.
May 24th 2005 :  We imported quantities of containers of our original beverages MoguMogu to sell up to Japanese Convenience store chain "Circle K Sunkus".
It was columned as economic news on the Japanese NewsPapers many times.
October 2005We started to export Japanese Food Products to Korea
March 2006   We restarted to import large quantity of beverages to sell for Convenience stores

--- Kyoto Newspaper column 11, May 24th 2005 ---

The photo man is Mr. Tsutomu Nishino (President of Orange International Inc.)

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